Ready to quantum leap your business from the root of your Motherly power?


The All-Access 12-Month Business Mastermind to Grow Your Wealth and Yourself as a Mother CEO.



For the trailblazing woman ready to cross the threshold from girl boss to millionaire Mother…


This is the year you grow your company and wealth beyond your wildest dreams — while rising and thriving as a richly resourced Mother.

“Cait is a brilliant entrepreneur, and her MME curriculum is the real deal.

She walks the walk, and her teaching is grounded, practical and specific. She’s a true inspiration for women looking to find harmony between their personal fulfillment, family and work life.”

Natalie Ellis

ceo + founder of bossbabe + ceo mamA

The business world wasn’t made for Mothers.

We’ve been navigating uncharted territory without a map… until now.

Imagine scaling your business and building wealth in a way that honors and supports your role and essence as a Mother…

Imagine restructuring your business model and recalibrating your nervous system to RECEIVE at a level that matches the extraordinary *giving* you know so well as a Mother and a CEO...

Imagine having an entire YEAR of weekly live coaching with me, the top millionaire Mother CEOs in the game, and our support coaches to help you sharpen your skills and refine your day-to-day execution to do both Motherhood and business well — logistically, emotionally, energetically, infrastructurally, and strategically…

Imagine receiving the most robust support not only through live, high-touch mentorship, but by planting yourself inside the most exquisite community of Mother CEOs in the industry, where you get to be deeply met exactly where you are in your Motherhood journey and experience being led by a fellow Mother as your mentor, who has not only made multiple millions as a mom, but who has done so without becoming a “supermom” or “superwoman” (overextending and dishonoring our natural rhythms in the name of success are SO yesterday)...

An extraordinary invitation awaits for the Mothers who are READY to experience HUGE success in business in a new way.

A new model of leadership in business that embraces and incorporates our sacred role as Mother, creator, and sustainer of life.

A new paradigm of achievement where we see our sacred work as no longer just about us, and our desires, goals, ambitions for income and impact… no longer about proving something to ourselves or the world.

A new pathway for wild financial success that doesn’t ask us to neatly tuck away our Motherhood and grind like a man or be married to our work like a maiden, or talk ourselves out of our big ambition like a martyr.

Hey Mama, I'm Cait.

Homesteader, mama of 3 under 4, TEDx speaker, top-rated podcast host, and multimillionaire business mentor to visionary women & Mother CEOs.

Motherhood has a way of cellularly reorganizing you on every imaginable level… while somehow awakening you to the most YOU you’ve ever been — this has been my experience anyway.

The portal to Motherhood for Mother CEOs is also an exquisite opening to a whole new depth and dimension in our work, if we’ll allow it in.

Will we play out the patterns we’ve inherited and been given, that reinforce the status quo, that outline the rules of what’s possible and acceptable?

Or will we write the chapter that’s ours to write, and choose to be the line in the sand, that changes the financial trajectory for our bloodline?

NOW is your moment to choose a different ending, a new narrative, to flip the script for you, for your family, for your lineage, for your legacy, and for Mothers worldwide.

This is precisely why I created The Millionaire Mother Experience — a 12-month, high-touch coaching container designed to holistically support Mother CEOs like you to grow your wealth *and* yourself, as you steward your expanding body of work and tend to your family.

To equip Mother business owners (and mamas-to-be!) with the real-time business, leadership and whole woman support we actually need to continue scaling our companies while being present Mothers — support that meets us in the reality of the season we are in.

It's time to claim the rich legacy that's waiting for you, mama.

Client love

Picture this, my love...

Waking up to the softness of your babies huddled against your skin, and checking your phone to see you've made THOUSANDS before even getting out of bed…

Enjoying a spacious schedule (hello, afternoon naps & DAILY family time blocked on your calendar) supported by backend infrastructure that ensures that you, your kids, and your partner are never an afterthought at the end of the day, but your highest priority…

Knowing that your offer suite creates world-class results and raving clients and makes you BANK without demanding that you be glued to your phone or laptop, so you can spend more time dreaming up scavenger hunts and epic birthday parties, not feeling distracted through your kids' most precious years…

Anchoring into your truest identity as a Mother and business owner, and unearthing a blueprint for success where your devotion to Motherhood is an asset that fuels your company’s growth, instead of stifling or slowing it…

Never being triggered by the Mother CEO who ‘has it all’ and leads from pure overflow ever again… because you’ve remembered that this same version of YOU already exists…

And you’re ready to make the moves to become her, right now.

For the woman who knows in her bones that Motherhood is a vital part of her life’s mission, but doesn’t want to turn down the dial on her business ambition…



My high-touch, all-access 12-month business mastermind for Mothers who want to create extraordinary impact and wealth, without sacrificing a rich personal life and family-first vision.


My high-touch, all-access 12-month business coaching mastermind for Mothers who want to create extraordinary impact and wealth, without sacrificing a rich personal life and family-first vision.


Inside MME, I’ll guide you by the hand through my exclusive 5-part Millionaire Mother Business Framework™, designed to help you reverse engineer a million dollar plus company.

Receive weekly live coaching from me, our world-class support coaches, and top millionaire Mother CEOs in the game for an entire year, and a resource vault worth over 10x the investment.

Each month, we’ll tackle a different element of the 5 core areas of the Millionaire Mother Business Framework™ — IDENTITY, ENERGY, SYSTEMS, MARKETING, and MONEY — the proven foundation for a 7-figure sustainable and scalable business…

From the brass tacks business strategy

i.e. product suite and pricing, branding and innovation, marketing and messaging, launching and sales, wealth-building and stewardship, backend 7-figure systems and more…

To the invisible inner work and energetic embodiment that makes the whole show run —

i.e. your mindset & devotion, boundaries and behaviors, energetics and embodiment, and so much more…

To the Motherhood must-haves you won’t find inside any other container inside this industry —

i.e. how to source and establish your home and business support infrastructure, daily rhythms and workflow as a Mother CEO, creating your dream maternity and postpartum periods, the birth portal and business, clearing contracts and reestablishing boundaries in Motherhood, keeping the spark juicy and alive in your relationship post-babies, and so much more!

The Millionaire Mother Experience is intentionally designed to give you, piece by piece, everything you need to grow & scale a thriving, profitable online business as a Mother.

Forget the business programs that gather dust in ancient vaults because they aren’t relevant to your life as a mama, and lack the strategic & energetic work required to scale a business while raising small humans.

If you’re ready to scale your business to a 6-7 figure empire in the next 12 months, and claim this year as the year you catalyze your legacy, MME is your move.

"Cait’s guidance was a beacon of light.

As a high school dropout mom of 4 turned entrepreneur, Cait’s guidance was a beacon of light and cornerstone experience amidst my journey. Working with her I went from minimal profit margins to a sustainable multiple 6-figure business, a developed team, purposeful programs, and newfound confidence. Being in community with other Mother CEOs was SO transformative for my professional evolution and personal growth.”

Annie Adamson, Multiple 6-Figure Mentor for Wellness Leaders & Mother of 4

“Working with Cait is a dream.

We had a multi-six figure launch (over $90K more than what we did last year). I've stepped so much more into my CEO power.”

Karen Welton, Founder of Pain Free Birth & Mother of 3

"Cait has this amazing way of seeing you.

She's really amazing at pulling out the golden nuggets and holding up a mirror to the best parts of who you are, and really showing you how to translate that into your own business. Throughout my time working with Cait, I entered into the room with $20k months and stabilized into $50k months, and am now scaling to seven figures."

ANA KINKELA, Somatic Business Mentor & Nervous System Expert & Mother of 1

"We had our first 7-figure year the year I birthed my second baby.

(with a toddler at home). Working with Cait has been SO expansive.”

Alex Wiatr, 7-figure FBA Founder & Mother of 3

You may be wondering...

What do moms need that’s different to rise & thrive as CEOs and become the leaders behind million-dollar movements?

Let’s break down the bedrock of the proven 5-part proprietary framework I’ll walk you through inside The Millionaire Mother Experience:

When you apply the right inner and outer work in business *and* at home, that’s when you become a Millionaire Mother.

The Mother CEO knows that sustainable leadership requires her to receive at a level that matches the depth of her giving.

That’s why she leads her company and her home from a rich web of resourcing versus taking it all on and doing it alone.

The 10 Pillars of Millionaire Mother Money are specifically designed to guide you from the inner work to the outer work, so you can cultivate your business and create more wealth and impact from the rich soil of a steady internal ground and the wellspring of life force momentum pouring through you as a Mother.

Let's dive deeper...

Allowing yourself to go fully into the portal of your identity rebirth as a Mother and emerge in this new season as the new woman you’ve become is *the* first key to Millionaire Mother Money. The new version of you — the one who is aligned with the current of power and potential coursing through her bodyis who will create your next iteration of success in business.

Inside MME, you’ll learn to build your business model and offer suite from your rebirthed identity, as opposed to sourcing validity and authority from outside yourself. Because let’s be real — you can *almost* get away with running the exact same business that you had before having a child but it’s a painful process, not just because you’ve got more on your plate, but because YOU aren’t the same woman. It’s time for you to birth a NEW business rooted in the depths of who you are NOW, mama.

Millionaire Mother mindset training and energy work in the inner world is twofold: it’s learning to both SURRENDER and ALLOW — letting go and letting God. This is about becoming a compassionate witness inside your business by creating distance and space from your reactions to things… and discovering how to relinquish control to allow more wealth, more impact, and more income to come through your work instead of white-knuckling your way to success.

Inside MME, you’ll find that on the other side of your discipline and devotion to your business via your mindset and energy, are your brand expression and the community you build. Together, we’ll build a bridge from the mindset and energy work you didn’t know you needed as a Mother and CEO to rich brand development and cultivation — helping you craft an expression that rings true to not only captivate dream clients and fill your business ecosystem with a vibrant community of people, but give you the soul fulfillment you’ve been craving as a heart-centered entrepreneur.

As Mothers, just like in our businesses, we need operating procedures, information, and technology to support us at home. The resentment we often feel from the burden of overworking comes from treating the work that goes into sustaining a vibrant rich home life without the equal importance it deserves. The Millionaire Mother knows that in order to go out and create epic work in the world and make phenomenal money, she needs to be RESOURCED at home at first.

Inside MME, you’ll learn to incorporate home systems so you can lead from a place of overflow and expansiveness, without depleting yourself. Similarly, you’ll also cultivate a backend business infrastructure to support and hold your company for whatever stage of growth it’s in, so that you can start scaling up sustainably — without flailing and exhausting your capacity.

Who are you and what do you have to say? What are you bringing forward that is unique to your industry? What are you sourcing from the rich soil that is different, innovative, disruptive — that is a revolution?

Inside MME, we’ll look at what you’re offering in your essence as a business owner and how you are contributing to thought leadership in your sphere. This goes so much deeper than how you show up and communicate — it’s about *how* you’re bringing something that hasn’t been done before into an existing conversation to quite literally merge worlds. You’ll learn the keys to Millionaire Mother Money Marketing — marketing that is truly unlike anything else out there because it’s sourced from the depths within, in alignment with your creative current and power. Once you get this, you’ll tap into an infinitely easier way to grow your business and call in your people… simply by being you.

Before you can focus on making bank, there’s a critical question you need to answer, and that is: what is your relationship with money? How do you hold and carry and manage money? Are you in *right* relationship with money?

Inside MME, you’ll gain tools to clean up your money story and your wealth stewardship, and from there, move into the strategy behind launching and selling: how you bring your programs forward, how you attract people into your world, your invitation into your offers, and so much more. Get ready to feel an expanded sense of safety in your nervous system about your money and cash flow, and build out a launch strategy that is in support of your Motherhood journey — in resonance with the other time commitments and responsibilities you hold. It’s officially your moment to make more money from the root of your Motherly power.


The Millionaire Mother Way to creating deep personal fulfillment and a stand-out brand that radiates authenticity, peace, and power — by bringing ALL of yourself as a whole woman and devoted Mother to the forefront.❤️

This is THE place to be if you’re desiring to scale your business like a Mother.



You’re Getting Everything I’ve Got, Plus *Biweekly Coaching Calls With Me*…


& FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST OF PRIVATE MENTORSHIP (which starts at a six-figure investment).

here’s what you get inside


24 (2x monthly for a year) 90-minute powerful hot seat group coaching sessions led by Cait to get personally coached on YOUR biz.

SAY WHAT?! 2x juicy 90-minute monthly live coaching sessions with me as your mentor…for a whole YEAR?! As in, ask me absolutely anything about YOUR business and get personally coached by me? YUP.

LIVE group hot seat coaching is the SINGLE fastest way I know to quantum speed your results. Every month, we’ll have 2 monthly Coaching and Q&A Sessions focused on the intersection of energetics and strategy to turbocharge your offer suite development, marketing, sales, launching, backend systems and operations for home AND company, branding, innovation and disruptive leadership, practical wealth-building, and more.

$48k value

12 (1x monthly for a year) 60-minute LIVE Guest Expert Sessions

Learn directly from the best and brightest industry-leading Mother CEOs and discover their secrets for creating extraordinary impact and wealth, without sacrificing a life- and family-first vision.

From Human Design in Parenting to mamahood-friendly Biz Systems, sex and intimacy as a new mama to nervous system healing for generational repair, and preparing yourself and your business for a supported birth to navigating the rollercoaster of postpartum bliss and blues, these guest expert sessions are going to expand your network and give you a curated Mother’s dream experience like no other.

$18k value

12x (1x monthly for a year) 60-minute LIVE Cross-Pollination Q&A Call led by a MME Support Coach

Every month, you’ll have an intimate group (10 max) Pod Call to huddle up for deep connection and rich digestion, led by one of our LEGENDARY Millionaire Mother Support Coaches (seriously, these are NOT your run-of-the-mill support coaches — one is a former lawyer turned astrologer and human design coach and the other is a 7-figure FBA CEO & business mentor).

Get personalized feedback and support on your business in a small group setting from mentors who *GET* the struggle and the triumph of exactly what you’re going through, and can point you to the exact next step (along with any supporting resources available to you via the MME Resource Library) that will set you up for empire-status success.

$12k value


& MORE...

PLUS your dream Mastermind COMMUNITY

A Private Circle Community Masterminding Space with Your Millionaire Mother Experience besties… A.K.A. your new business soul fam!

Ever heard your network is your net worth? Being part of the MME Circle masterminding community alone is worth the entire investment!

Grow, learn, collaborate, and connect with the other trailblazing, movement-building CEO Mothers charting their unique course of Legacy Wealth, wild impact, and soul-deep fulfillment at home and inside their companies, and create lasting friendships that form the lifeblood of your support squad for years to come.

$10k value



The Millionaire Mother Experience gives you *the* VIP access card to my entire Body of Work, which is *only* available through the Experience (or private mentorship, at over 15x the price point).

This means you’ll be getting an all-access pass to every single masterclass and business training I’ve ever created *plus* a banging learning vault filled with ALL my signature programs (the vault is worth more than triple the price of tuition alone, comprising over 200 video trainings dripping in value, 125 resource materials, and 1 complete business standard operating procedures library — literal f*cking GOLD)...

PLUS a complimentary spot inside every single *NEW* LIVE program I run in the next year, giving you an invaluable front-row seat to cutting-edge innovation and business leadership…

(I’m a Splenic Manifestor in Human Design with creative surges that could power a small country, and I birth at LEAST 4 completely new, full-blown, revolutionary programs every year)…





When you enroll before May 12th at 11:59pm EST, you’ll secure LIFETIME ACCESS to The Millionaire Mother Resource Library worth an ADDITIONAL $65k!!

The Resource Library has every. single. thing you need to build a thriving multi 7-figure online business — and when you enroll in MME before April 21st at 11:59pm EST, you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to it *included* in your investment.

After an ENTIRE year of WEEKLY LIVE coaching and high-touch mentorship with me, industry experts, and our support squad *PLUS* access to this literal bank of business-building DYNAMITE to help clarify, support, and amplify your every move, you’ll have created momentum you can’t even begin to imagine presently… but with the Millionaire Mother Resource Library at your fingertips for life?

You’ll have the key to 10x that momentum, break molds and bring your next level forward again and again and again, and become truly unstoppable in business.






FOR ONLY $20,000 or $1850/mo


THE FIRST 15 WOMEN WHO JOIN US WILL RECEIVE A FREE Private Business Architecture Audit WITH CAIT! ($3997 VALUE)









✔︎ 24 90-minute LIVE Business & Leadership Group Coaching Sessions with Cait ($48,000 value)
✔︎ 12 60-minute LIVE Guest Expert Sessions ($18,000 value)
✔︎ 12 60-minute LIVE Cross-Pollination Q&A Call led by a MME Support Coach ($12,000 value)
✔︎ A Private Circle Community Masterminding Space ($10,000 value)
✔︎ Access to the ENTIRE Millionaire Mother Resource Library ($65k value)

PLUS get the special PAY IN FULL ONLY BONUS ($5000 value): 60-minute 1:1 Session w/ Cait








✔︎ 24 90-minute LIVE Business & Leadership Group Coaching Sessions with Cait ($48,000 value)
✔︎ 12 60-minute LIVE Guest Expert Sessions ($18,000 value)
✔︎ 12 60-minute LIVE Cross-Pollination Q&A Call led by a MME Support Coach ($12,000 value)
✔︎ A Private Circle Community Masterminding Space ($10,000 value)
✔︎ Access to the ENTIRE Millionaire Mother Resource Library ($65k value)

TOTAL VALUE OF $153k FOR ONLY $1850/mo

Pay Your Tuition Up Front & Get The Exclusive Pay-In-Full Only Bonus:

A 60-MINUTE 1:1 SESSION WITH CAIT (Value: $5000)

Get 100% of my brain and attention focused exclusively on YOU, your business, and where you’re going. Together, we’ll roll up our sleeves and cast the vision for the 12 months ahead and your financial goals, looking at the energetic and strategic components required to stretch yourself, set the tone for a whole new level of success in your leadership and company, and powerfully walk through this next threshold, ready to unearth your best work and biggest impact yet.

"Cait’s strategic guidance and sales coaching helped me generate over $165K in one week.

I went from being overworked, spread thin, making $200 an hour to creating and finalizing my first multi 5 & 6 figure packages and selling them within 2 months of working with Cait. Cait’s strategic guidance and sales coaching helped me generate over $165K in one week.”

ashley glowiak

Holistic Psychedelic Therapist, PhD Candidate, Mother of 4

"With Cait's help I made more in ONE MONTH than I did in the first 5 months of 2023.

When I signed up for MME, I didn't have the cash to pay for the whole thing. But everything in my body told me, 'Take the leap — trust this. This is what you need.'

Then within 2 weeks of starting, I also got clear information from my knowing that I had to step into more intimate coaching with Cait inside her Inner Circle because her mastery and wisdom are so potent. Within 1 month of making the second commitment, I landed $35K in contracts!"

Larissa Conte, Executive Leadership Coach & Power Alchemist, Future mama

"I had my first $36K cash month, and have a waitlist already for my next program.

As a musician and spiritual teacher, I went from chronically undercharging for my work and relying on an inconsistent patronage model to designing an offer suite that reflects the depth and devotion of my work.

MME has been revolutionary.”

Alana Levandoski, Singer & Songwriter, Spiritual Guide, Mother of 3

"In less than three months since joining, my business and my personal life have completely changed.

Using the strategies I have learned in coaching calls, guest speaker trainings, and self-paced courses, I have revamped our program launches, enhanced our sales and marketing strategies, and established SOPs. For our Spring 2024 program launch, I created a waitlist which has supported us to sell out 2/3 of our program spots over 4 weeks before program start. And finally, a very unexpected outcome of my time in MME, is the birth of a second business, where I provide corporate career coaching."


Is joining MME right for you?

You’re in the right place if:

You feel Motherhood pulling you towards a REBIRTH inside yourself and your business, and it both terrifies and excites you.

You are awakening to the truest, most embodied version of you, and know your most magical, impactful work is yet to come. You’re deeply craving the space to reimagine yourself, your Body of Work, and how you intentionally build the abundant business from your vision board in your new reality as a pioneering Mother CEO.

You’re straight-up done with trying to grow your business like a maiden or a man.

No more high-adrenaline high cash month chasing at all costs to your health and sanity, or allowing work to creep into every spare crevice of your day. Do you want to make millions? Absolutely. But you’re not willing to settle for anything less than a sustainable business model that honors your rhythms, needs, and desires as a devoted mama (read: stacks on stacks of MRR, Stripe notifications blowing your phone up when you’re changing nappies, building sandcastles, or settling in for your regular afternoon nap).

You know in your bones that you’re here to steward a *BIG* Body of Work and become a millionaire…

And not just any millionaire, but one with a relaxed and regulated nervous system and the ability to receive and *hold* MORE in your life and business with safety, pleasure, and ease. You’re being called to dream bigger, play a bigger game, and create a legacy that fills every corner of your life with overflowing abundance. You’re ready to say goodbye to the drained and time-strapped girl boss archetype, and rise as an embodied, whole, and richly resourced Millionaire Mother.

You're craving a consistent container to support your growth for a whole year from a multimillionaire Mother business Mentor who *GETS* what you’re going through —

and has done it herself, all while growing, birthing, and raising small humans. You know that business growth in this season has to meet you deeply where you’re at and you’re so ready to be led by a fellow Mother mentor who has not only made millions as a mama, but who has created the most supportive AF container with other powerful mama entrepreneurs who are ready to make big, expansive moves alongside you.

This is a space where...

Being ambitious AF & building global companies from our homes is celebrated and normalized...

F*ck off financial success coexists with deeply meaningful friendships, sacred sisterhood, and a richly rooted spiritual life...

Devoted presence as a Mother doesn’t require us to sacrifice the other areas of our identity and who we are as a whole woman...

And thriving & leading from OVERFLOW is your new normal.


you’ll discover how to lay the foundation for a million dollar plus online company as a devoted Mother.

You’ll learn how to:

✔︎ Build a profitable, Motherhood-friendly business model and marry it with the KEY backend systems and home support infrastructure that will allow you to scale up with ease and spaciousness, *even* if you don’t have the budget for a team or nanny yet.

✔︎ Create consistent revenue and make more money from the seat of your Motherly power to provide abundantly for your family, without working yourself into the ground and sacrificing what matters most: making memories with your little ones.

✔︎ Elevate your marketing in a way that feels intentional, aligned, and undeniably YOU. Even if you’ve deemed yourself “mediocre” at storytelling, this is where you’ll finally source the message you want to speak and share as Mother business owner, and begin building wealth through the power of your words. Get ready to create scroll-stopping content that compels your desired audience to listen and take action.

✔︎ Develop and sustain a 7-figure heart centered sales ecosystem from confidence and BOLD AF embodiment of true trust in your voice and yourself. Use powerful brand positioning tools to set your brand up for stand-out status and magnetize dream clients to you, including how to amplify your presence and authority by anchoring even deeper into radical authenticity.

✔︎ Heal scarcity trauma from your ancestral line and break molds in your family to bring your next level forward, start stewarding wealth in a much bigger way, and take up the space that will change the financial legacy of your lineage forever.

✔︎ Upgrade your leadership capacity at home and inside your business, through the inner and outer work required of you to become a match for the expansive vision you’re anchoring for your life, company, and legacy. Become the nourished whole woman and mama CEO who executes in rich resonance with her feminine brilliance and Motherly wisdom, and make leading from a state of pure overflow your new normal.

If you’re ready to get into a room that holds you to your highest, expands your network, sharpens your skillset, nurtures your gifts, brings serendipitous divine timing lessons & people into your world, and accelerates your growth as a whole woman, Mother, and CEO more powerfully than you EVER thought possible…

Then there is literally no other room that will help you do that as much as The Millionaire Mother Experience.

Click the button below to join us, mama — and blow your business out of the water as you claim your BIGGEST year of expansion in life and leadership yet.

When a Mother chooses herself, she transforms her entire legacy.

“I joined MME wanting to learn how to do business my way as a Mother. I needed to be around people who had children, who understood what it was like to truly prioritize family and still be able to create a business that thrived.

Cait lit the fire that allowed me to step into my power and authenticity, and then gave me all the tools I needed to lay the structure for the life I wanted to create.

Within a few months of joining I had my first $16K month… then had two more back to back! With this new incredibly awakened sense of confidence, I launched several new offers and my monthly income went from $2.5K months to $15-17K months.”

Angie Pope, Psychic, Intuitive Healer & Mother of 5

“I joined MME when I was getting ready to go full-time on my own and knew I needed support and guidance in my corner! In my first 4 months of working with Cait inside MME, I’ve created $50K+ revenue, launched 3 new offers, provided a 5-star customer experience and raised my prices every month.

The emotional & energetics work + the detailed step-by-step business work have been truly next level. I now work full-time for myself and believe that I will, too, be a multimillionaire.

My belief around what "work" means has done a complete 180. Coming from a life of small-town farming where ‘you work until you retire and die’, I'm becoming the changemaker for my family and our legacy.”

Emily Neubauer, Brand & Web Designer, Mother of 2

“I joined MME one DAY postpartum. The MME experience puts me in the room with SO MANY expanders. I'm no longer looking outside from afar, but I am inside of the room with brilliant women and Mothers who are also determined to co-create an impactful life. This alone has propelled me to step up and into my potential and to finally go for it.”

Dominique Cachu, HR Consultant for Entrepreneurs & Mother of 4

"More than anything, working with Cait has been a masterclass in how to resource your own vibe well enough that you can't help but operate as the kind of leader who's worthy AND capable of achieving wild success, making a profound impact, and being the devoted, present mama you want to be!"

Brenne Hali, Founder & CEO, SelfSpoken & Mother of 1

Meet Your Mentor...

Founder of The Millionaire Mother™ , Cait Scudder

Cait Scudder is a high school teacher turned multiple 7-figure Business Mentor for Mother CEOs. A TEDx speaker, host of The Millionaire Mother podcast, and internationally recognized online business expert, as well as a loving wife and mama to three kiddos under 3.5, Cait’s mission is to empower ambitious Mothers to create the wildly profitable businesses they dream of without sacrificing the rich Motherhood experience they desire and deserve. Cait’s helped her clients generate over $25M in collective revenue, and her work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and Business Insider among several other publications.

“Cait is a total powerhouse.

I love witnessing her pave the way for Mothers, to show us all how we can still hold and steward massive wealth, without sacrificing time at home with our babies. This is what richness is truly all about and she nails it. I love her work and everything she stands for.”

mel wells

Feminine Leadership Coach

“No one sees Mothers the way Cait sees them...

...and models being one, a model that includes the deep knowing that Mothers have the *literal secret sauce* for entrepreneurial thriving. She has a way of navigating Motherhood and business, and letting the two soul vocations enhance each other that’s magical, medicinal, and has changed what I see as possible on a deep level.”


Bestselling Author & Plenty Podcast Host

Meet Your Support Coaches...

Regina Verret Foster

Regina is an energy and birth worker who specializes in Astrology, Human Design, physiological birth and holistic postpartum care. She is the founder of The Celestial Womb, a container created to help women reconnect with their inner source and re-align. Before founding The Celestial Womb, she spent a decade in the corporate legal business world focusing on legal technology, solutions, research and business sales.

Regina discovered birth work first by becoming a doula, and her love of birth only deepened after supporting many women and having her own children. After her first child, it was increasingly difficult to ignore the signs that she was in the wrong career. When she was most disconnected to herself and her true energy Regina discovered human design and re-discovered Astrology. These energetic modalities changed her life for the better as it was the catalyst to fully re-align with her most authentic self. Regina incorporates all of her energetic knowledge into her free birth and postpartum offerings and takes a mind, body, and spirit approach to guiding her clients back to themselves.

Alexandra Wiatr

Together with her husband and their two daughters on her hip (and one more on the way!), Alex built a multi-million dollar soulful product business on Amazon in under 3 years. In addition, she’s had the pleasure of mentoring women along their own wealth building journeys, as well as coaching hundreds of people across the globe in the e-commerce space.

Alongside her entrepreneurial journey and after a deep struggle with her mental health in 2019, Alex immersed herself into the world of feminine embodiment. She dedicated her early motherhood days to refining the darkest corners of her mind and getting comfortable in the depths of her soul. Somewhat accidentally, she realized that the deeper she connected to her sensuality, the faster & more exponentially her business - and therefore her family’s wealth - grew.

Alex is forever fascinated by the intricate connection between sensuality and wealth. Now, she’s on a mission to guide women and mothers everywhere to tap into their sensuality and feel empowered by money so that they can alchemise the abundant lives of their dreams... while of course, continuing to grow her own e-com empire.

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Short answer: no.

Long answer: even if you could, it would cost you a fortune! The Millionaire Mother Experience is literally a 6-figure mastermind available to you at roughly 1/10 of the total value.

Besides, why would you want to miss out on ALL the other benefits… like live coaching with me and industry experts, the ride-or-die sisterhood, and a front row seat at every new live program I created over the course of our time together 😋 (my programs have single-handedly helped clients generate hundreds of thousands in sales!).

Oh and I’m ALSO forgetting the high-touch mentorship from our exquisite support coaches and Circle community masterminding space…  PLUS half off ALL retreats, exclusive invitations to events and special MME-only offers, and a full year inside The Village Membership for Mother Entrepreneurs. 

A CEO Mother cannot thrive in isolation, love. She rises and thrives from being richly resourced and well-connected, and in The Millionaire Mother Experience, I’m making sure that you’ll receive the highest caliber of strategy, support, community, and mentorship to grow yourself and your wealth as a Mother with unparalleled speed, ease, and clarity. 

Yes, babe! Absolutely. 100%! This is the *exact* container I wish I could have been a part of when I was on my journey to becoming a new mama navigating the integration of Motherhood with business! The pre-conception, conception, and pregnancy phases are such rich stages of the Motherhood experience, and what better gift to give yourself than a community that reflects who you’re becoming and all you’re stepping into.

The Millionaire Mother Experience is the culmination of everything I’ve learned scaling a multiple 7-figure business while raising three kiddos under 3.5. But it’s not only that… it’s also access to my brain in real-time as I’m continuing to traverse Motherhood and a new pregnancy while being an industry pioneer, leading groundbreaking programs, surpassing new revenue milestones, growing my team, and SO much more — literally PRICELESS!

There is NOTHING else like this on the market, and I don’t say that lightly. Even if you’re just *imagining* babies in your future, getting into this container now will set you up to have the most supported, nourishing, and prosperous transition into Motherhood — while also ensuring that your company not only survives, but flourishes. Because, just in case I haven’t said it enough… it’s just not the same building a multi 7-figure empire when you have small humans to raise.

Yes and yes and YES, mama!! The Millionaire Mother Experience is a space for ALL Mothers in ALL stages and seasons of Motherhood.

Whether you’re a stepmama or your kids are about to move out or they left your home ages past, you’re a Mother, PERIOD. Motherhood makes an indelible mark and bestows SO much rich rewiring to leverage in life and business — even if you didn’t birth your children, or your children are transitioning from the spring to the summer of their lives, or they’ve long flown the nest.

If you’re wanting to create bigger and better results in life and business and you’re craving a space that honors your Motherly essence and identity, I’d be so, so honored to have you join.

While this program is not private coaching, the access you have to me in live time is actually *insane* for this price point…

Two live coaching calls WITH ME a month, more live coaching through the new and relaunched programs we run live throughout the year, and love notes, unexpected surprises, and mini lessons from me throughout the year inside our Circle masterminding space!!

Absolutely, mama, with one caveat: if you’ve already hit 7 figures, your next quantum leap may ask you to go to depths you’ve never been to, to take you to heights you’ve never gone to. 😉 

The Millionaire Mother Experience will plug you into the high-touch mentorship, content, and community that’s guaranteed to expand your business at any stage, but if you’re wanting to work with me privately to accelerate and fly past your goals at light speed, then you’re probably a great fit for the Millionaire Mother Experience VIP. MME VIP is for the woman who wants the highest level of proximity to me, and is only available after you’ve joined MME. Spaces are extremely limited (5 only in the whole year). Feel free to DM me on Insta @themillionairemother with any questions about MME VIP upgrade option.

Because of the unheard of combined value of what’s included inside this container as well as *instant* access to all of my signature programs, all sales are final. That said, I want you to know in your bones that this program is right for you. 

If you have any questions about whether or not MME is the right fit before you sign up, please feel free to DM me on Instagram with your concerns, and myself or someone on my team will be happy to answer your questions and give you our honest opinion on whether the program is right for you or not.

Isn’t it annoying when coaches don’t tell you the time of the live calls until after you’ve bought? I’ve got you covered, mama.  🤪

There are THREE separate cohort times to accommodate all time zones. You get to choose the cohort that best suits your time/location in the world: 8:30 AM ET and 1 PM ET! 

The guest expert times and support coaching times will vary.

We’ve had mamas tune in to calls with a cup of tea in their PJs in the early AM or from different time zones late at night! And replays are always available within 24 hours if you’re unable to make a call live.

“Someday” isn’t a guarantee. If you’re like ‘OMG Cait this is on my vision board’… what are you doing to make your vision a reality now? The legacy you’re dreaming of won’t build itself, mama. Of course you can always choose to delay your growth, turn away from the blazing knowing in your heart, and put your dreams off until “tomorrow”, but we all know the truth: tomorrow is never actually tomorrow, and we’re always finding one of two things: a way or an excuse.

If you’ve read this far, I know you’re here to stretch into the extraordinary possibility that awaits you NOW. Delaying will only lead to energetic stagnation and lost momentum.

There is no next time. THIS is your moment to act, mama.

We’ve got you! Please fill out the application at the button below and one of The Millionaire Mother team members will get back with you within 24 hours.

If you have a question for Cait, they will connect you with her directly. 🤗

You can apply right at the button below, mama! I can’t wait to support you.


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